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Classical Field Theory


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This is the tutorial for the course "Classical Field Theory" thaught by prof. Frydryszak for the Master in Theoretical Physics at the University of Wrocław. Exercises will be posted here a week before the tutorial they are discussed in. Please keep in mind that active participation in the tutorials is important to pass the course. M.Sc. Achilles Gitsis will be the assistant for the tutorials. Please fell free to contact him or me if you have any questions. For information about credits points, please refer to the syllabus (in Polish) or contact prof. Frydryszak.

Important: Students will be assigned to exercise problems by the system described here at the Friday, 9:00 pm, before the tutorial. Please indicate your preferences by then.

  1. Introduction
    Lecture04.10.2023 12:00
    Tutorial04.10.2023 15:15, exercise
  2. Sine-Gordon equation
    Lecture11.10.2023 12:00
    Tutorial10.10.2023 15:15, exercise
  3. Linear chain: Fourier transformation and Hamiltonian
    Lecture18.10.2023 12:00
    Tutorial18.10.2023 15:15, exercise
  4. Linear chain: Initial value problem and Poisson brackets
    Lecture25.10.2023 12:00
    Tutorial25.10.2023 15:15, exercise
  5. Minkowski space and the light cone
    Lecture08.11.2023 13:00
    Tutorial08.11.2023 15:15, exercise
  6. Schwarz and triangle inequalities
    Lecture22.11.2023 13:00
    Tutorial22.11.2023 15:15, exercise
  7. Four-velocity and four-acceleration
    Lecture29.11.2023 13:00
    Tutorial29.11.2023 15:15, exercise
  8. Reference frames and relativistic motion
    Lecture06.12.2023 13:00
    Tutorial06.12.2023 15:15, exercise
  9. Pseudo-Euclidean space
    Lecture13.12.2023 13:00
    Tutorial13.12.2023 15:15, exercise
  10. Unitary representation of the Poincare group
    Lecture20.12.2023 13:00
    Tutorial20.12.2023 15:15, exercise
  11. Pauli-Lubański vector and the relativistic particle action
    Lecture03.01.2024 13:00
    Tutorial03.01.2024 15:15, exercise
  12. Electrodynamics
    Lecture10.01.2024 13:00
    Tutorial10.01.2024 15:15, exercise
  13. Equations of motion
    Lecture17.01.2024 13:00
    Tutorial17.01.2024 15:15, exercise
  14. Lagrangian of real scalar field
    Lecture24.01.2024 13:00
  15. Revision
    Lecture26.01.2024 13:00, revision

    Achilles prepared notes that summarize the most important insights of this semester. Perhaps they are useful in preparing for the exam.

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